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"This has to be the best place for lunch in the Orange/Anaheim area. Their sandwiches taste heavenly and everything is fresh and put together very nicely. I'd recommend the Humus and Avocado sandwich, Egg Salad sandwich, Tofu and Avocado sandwich for vegetarians. The Turkey Delight (fresh baked turkey, celery, onions, alfalfa sprouts, and tomato served on fresh raisin bread) and the Chicken-Cashew for those who eat white meat only. There is no red meat served at this cafe. The sandwiches are $5-$6, and you get tortilla chips and salsa with the sandwich. They have delicious drinks that only $3 that are made fresh such as the Mango Delight (mangos, papaya, coconut-pineapple juice, and banana), Apple Annie (apple, coconut juice, banana), and the B-O-P (orange, coconut-pineapple juice, banana). They also have hot plates that I haven't tried, but I've been told the Vegetarian Lasagna and the Twice-Baked Potato are among customer favorites. Support this small cafe! The owners are friendly, everything is under $8, and the food is superb!"

-Ambercakes (


"This is a great place to grab a healthy lunch. I'm not always thinking healthy - but when I do this is the place to go. I've enjoyed their tuna salad sandwich and their salads in general."

-Robert Felix (Insider Pages)


"Cathy's Natural Kitchen is a wonderful spot to maintain and continue a healthy way of life. It's not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but Cathy's makes it easy!"

- Debbie Chepard (Insider Pages)

"I found my new lunch hot-spot. I'm new to the Orange County area so finding a place to eat is not an easy task. Fast-food is not a good thing in my industry of working with teenagers - I need food that will fill my stomach and give me energy without making me feel drowsy by mid-afternoon. And so, I found - well, I was directed to - Natural Kitchen.

It's healthy grubbing at this hole-in the wall "hot spot." It's very popular among the locals, and either its the personal customer service or it's the history of this place that allows those behind the counter to refer to (and recognize) its customers on a first-name basis.

I was hesitant to walk in, it literally looks like a kitchen with its pink cloth round tables, serving food on top of aged trays. But, you know what, with that aside I enjoyed my Turkey Delight. For about $7 I got a finely chopped turkey folded with celery, onions, and alfalfa sprouts, topped with fresh tomato, served with sweet raisin bread. Plus, healthy (not creamy) brocolli potatoe cheese soup and tortilla chips with salsa. I haven't had a fabulous sandwich like this since...Zlakets (oh, another Yelp review that's due).

This place has character.

If you are local, you can call-in your order and pick-up. There's plenty of parking, a few tables to move together or separate, and because the meals are made fresh, you may have to wait a few minutes, but not too long. According to their menu they serve hot dishes with salad or soup: Veg-burgers, Vegetarian lasagna, tofu and vegan dishes. There are fresh salads and juices that can be blended with protein powder or without.

This place is strictly for the chicken, tofu, vegan, and vegetable lovers."

-Melody V. (

"We love love loved this restaurant while I worked at the Bookman. I believe the lunch crew still goes, but not as often as when I was there advocating for it nearly everyday. The only thing I wish is that they would put more vegan options on the menu. My favorite sandwich was always the avocado sandwich, but now that I've gone vegan, I'd have to leave off the mayo and cheese. And I don't like dry sammiches. I love my creamy dressings!

Call ahead of time and place your order to pick up. The eating area isn't spectacular, so you should take it to the park."

-Kimberly V. (

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